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Art Kane Photo
An Iconic Photograph Comes Alive
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and hear a recording of the artist’s music and see the full story of the photograph and the great day it happened.

In 1958, in front of a brownstone in Harlem, 57 notable jazz musicians were photographed
by Art Kane. Now this photo is making history again, thanks to the New York Daily News.

And for even more information, scroll down to the list of names and click into each
musicians bio.

Whether for education or pleasure, this photo is a jazz lover’s dream.

JPEC gratefully acknowledges and appreciates the support of:
  • Dr. Bruce Rubin, for bringing this to our attention
  • New York Daily News and Editor Joseph Angio, for allowing us to use the link
  • The Estate of Art Kane, for consenting to our use of this iconic and interactive photo, for educational purposes

Musicians in the photograph

Art Kane Jazz Portrait Harlem 1958 (Click on names below to get more information)