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JPEC has reached out to JazzFM91 in their time of turmoil. We have all faced difficult times and JPEC has offered to help wherever we can.

When the going get rough, it’s important that we all work towards the preservation of jazz in Toronto and in Canada.

Keep the faith everyone!

JPEC Celebrates 10 Years
Some accomplishments:
- Started a dialogue with the
  City for a permanent non-
  profit music/arts centre.

- Created a detailed plan to
  launch this hub.

- Brought together several
  non-profit organizations
  towards this goal.

- Delivered over 400 school
  outreach workshops.

- Presented over 50 tributes,
  concerts, and galas.

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JPEC Receives Special Recognition from TD
TD Bank Award
Jazz Performance and Education Centre (JPEC) co-founders and North York residents, Raymond and Rochelle Koskie, were on hand July 26 to receive a $5,000 cheque from TD Bank Group. The donation is part of the #TDThanksYou campaign honouring causes aligned with
The Ready Commitment the Bank’s corporate citizenship platform.

In a statement, TD says that JPEC is among a group of unsung heroes who work behind the scenes in communities to help build an inclusive tomorrow.

This award was given because of JPEC’s work in schools with little or no music program throughout the GTA. Since its inception JPEC’s School Outreach Program has organized and paid for musicians to provide music workshops to over 2000 children.

2018 marks JPEC’s 10th anniversary and after years of presenting, educating, and supporting live jazz, JPEC moves into its second decade with a desire to expand its music workshops in schools.

The donation was presented at the TD branch at York Mills and Bayview Avenues during a lunchtime buffet and the cheque for $5,000 was presented by Andy Pilkington, Executive Vice President of Branch Banking at The Toronto-Dominion Bank. It was attended by several TD senior people and members of the JPEC Board of Directors.

Thoughts From JPEC's President

A Fond Farewell to Lorraine Gordon of Village Vanguard

“As Mother always said, 'You can't eat the décor'". This line always makes me think of the Village Vanguard under the leadership of Lorraine Gordon who died this month at the age of 95.

By no means a fancy club, The Vanguard was known for its excellent acoustics, ambiance and top rate music. In other words, jazz at its best. I think about what Mother said every time I visit the Village Vanguard in New York.

Bruce Lundval former President and CEO of Blue Note Records called her "beautiful, hilarious, ornery, outspoken, sometimes outrageous, honest to a fault, endlessly quotable and simply the living spirit of jazz. She's tough, but she's charming and she's wonderful and she's smart as a whip. And she runs the greatest jazz club in the world, period."

In fact, she was everything a jazz icon should be.

The Vanguard opened in 1935 and went on to host such legendary artists as Miles Davis, John Coltrane, and Bill Evans. Lorraine Gordon, a longtime lover of jazz, took the helm as owner 54 years later following her husband, Max's death in 1989. Since then, she had booked performers and handled the books for the venue, according to the Times. The club celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2015.

I think the Village Vanguard is unquestionably a most unique and internationally acclaimed jazz venue, having existed since opening at the same NY location.

My recollection of going there the first time, is having to navigate a set of somewhat creaky stairs down to a dark, if not dingy, basement room replete with decorative trappings, photos and posters which obviously have been there for many years. Fancy it is not! But it is packed all the time. One goes there to hear and experience some of the greatest jazz music and jazz musicians ever, performed with the aid of unparalleled acoustics. Tables are very close – let’s say – intimate, which simply added to the ambiance of this cherished venue. For me, it is always a magical experience!

That about sums it up. Lorraine will be sorely missed for sure.

I Can Hear the Music – A Memoir by Gene DiNovi

with Jack Batten

Ray Koskie, Gene DiNovi

JPEC President, Ray Koskie with Gene DiNovi

The publication of I Can Hear The Music – A Memoir, the latest of Gene DiNovi’s accomplishments, provides hours of jazz history, high points and musical highs. It's a lifetime of music from one of North America’s most prolific and talented musicians and composers.

This absolutely delightful and fascinating history of 500 pages, replete with stories and historical photos, is a must read for jazz fans of all ages. Gene has performed with all the jazz “greats”, in all kinds of locations and environments. He truly has experienced it all and now invites you share those experiences with him.

I Can Hear Hear the Music, a Memoir written by 90 year old DiNovi with Jack Batten, is now available at:
Ben McNally Books and Brunch Store,
366 Bay Street at Richmond, Toronto, ON, M5H 4B2.
Tel: 416-361-0032. www.benmcnallybooks.com

(For more information on Gene DiNovi and Jack Batten, click here)

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